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Customized Software Products for HealthCare facility and Medical Clinic

Electronic Medical Record - EMR and Practice Management Solution

If you are thinking about buying an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) software system for your physician practice, make sure you do your homework. Even the most affordable medical software systems require a few thousand dollars of your money, making it important that the software you select meets your expectations.

4eGuru Inc. offers you a EMR/EHR software it is the complete, user-friendly and affordable electronic medical record system with innovative and time saving features such as Charting-By-Exception, full charting on Pocket PC and proven interfaces with most practice management and reference laboratory systems. 4eGuru EMR system is fully CMS & HIPAA compliant medical software.


Products for USA
CHDP Gateway Portal

CHDPGATEWAY portal is a "Web-based and cloud-based software as a solution (SaaS) for PM160-claim EDI clearinghouse. It provides a useful electronic and online workflow. This electronic and online workflow is a user friendly, simpler, more universally usable and more versatile in operation than present PM160 paper claim flow. The Portal combines HIPAA compliant various healthcare protocol, interfaces and platform. This product & workflow designed to reduce & save costs, improve communications and optimize the CHDP Billing process for Physicians, Medical Groups, Billing Houses, Health Plan and county. The purpose of the portal is to replace PM160 paper claim flow with the “Web-based EDI claim gateway portal software as a solution”, which are not offered by the present PM160 paper claim flow.
  • Access your account from anywhere in the world.
  • No need to worry about wrong CPT Codes and Billed Prices.
  • Increase your claims acceptance rate.
  • Reduce claim rejection rate to 0.1%.
  • Get paid for your services with electronic speed.
Telehealth/Telemedicine applications (DirectiCare)

The primary objective of the portal services is to provide telehealth or remote ophthalmology or Eyecare services to underserved rural and urban communities of California. It also saves or reduces rural patients time and money
  • Eye screening services for retinopathy-diabetic and glaucoma test. Take a digital photo of eye on a Retinal Camera / Fundus Camera (for the retina enquiries) or USB-microscope /Iridoscope (cornea, iris and lens) and save & forward.
  • Tele or remote ophthalmology video-consults services.
  • Upload OCT/Fundus camera store & forward Images for Reading.
  • Store and forward images - provide HIPAA-Dicom based Eye images upload feature to Family practice & primary care clinician for retina image reading and expert opinion.
  • Healthcare Mobile Web Apps for iPhone, Android-phone,  Window-phone and iPad or other table units.
  • Connect Family Practice & Primary care clinician with Eye care specialist.
  • Store and forward images - provide HIPAA-Dicom based Eye images upload feature to Family practice & primary care clinician for retina image reading and expert opinion.
Healthcare Mobile web Apps

Healthcare Mobile Web Apps for iPhone, Android-phone, Window-phone and iPad or other table units
  • Emergency Contact
  • Insurance Information
  • Health Information
  • ePrescription
  • Vital Sign
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure
    • Blood Sugar
    • Pluse Rate
    • Pulse Oximetry
    • Temperature
    • Problem
  • Eye Test
    • Color Test
    • Amsler Grid
Practice Management System

4eGuru Inc offers a comprehensive practice management & medical billing software package. You can tailor the software to meet your needs. Run reports or “work queues”that are meaningful and accurate with information you can use to make your practice better.

  • Patient Demographics
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Check-In and Check-Out System
  • Insurance Authorization
  • Billing and Claim System
Insurance. Billing and Claim System

- Convert super bills to claims, with proper charge application, and discounts
- CMS-1500 Form, CHDP forms filled out in seconds
- Print claims to the preprinted CMS-1500 forms OR print black and white forms.
- Patient statements printed in seconds
- -The flexibility to either print, or send medical insurance claims electronically to other claim clearinghouse.  .
- Process claims individually or in batch
- Track payments and adjustments
EMR Software System
4eGuru Inc, we bring the best Electronic Medical Record Software market right to your doorstep at no charge to you without biased, spin marketing. Our goal is to Save time, money, peace of mind & many more.


  • Specialty Based SOAP Template
  • Specialty Specific HPI, Complaints, ROS
  • Prescription Writer
  • LAB Interface (HL7)
  • Specialty Specific ICD
  • Scanner and Image integration
  • Tablet PC/PDA enabled
  • Voice Recognition
Appointment Scheduling with employee Roster and Webpunch In/Out Clock Management

The heart of this powerful, user-friendly system is the Time and Attendance Software itself,
employees can punch In/Out, Check Schedules, View worked hrs. and perform Time Off
Request...All from the comfort of their own workstation. Only a Web Browser is needed on
the PC...

The Time and Attendance Software is installed on your computer or network server!! This is
not a hosted software with monthly fees.

This Time and Attendance offers many other Standard features that ARE INCLUDED at no
additional charge, such as Unlimited Multiple User/Multi-PC Network License, E-Mail Repor-
ting, Robust Scheduling Module > Read more

Product for INDIA
OPD & Practice Management System

4eGuru Inc provides for the medical practices that combines intuitive web-based practice management and EMR software, payer and clinical intelligence and results-oriented services, delivering - Radically improved control and knowledge over billing and clinical operations,Faster payment,Increased collections,More time for patient care.


  • Demographics, Patient Card System
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Check-In & Check-Out System
  • Billing System
  • Insurance Authorization & Claim System
EMR & EHR Software System

Improving office and clinical efficiency while increasing quality of care, for numerous specialties.


  • Specialty Based SOAP Template
  • Prescription Writer, LAB Interface
  • Referral Management
  • Document Management
  • Device Connectivity
  • Tablet PC/PDA enabled
OT & IPD System

4eGuru Inc provide a leading software system for managing your hospital like OPD, IPD, Patient History, Consultants, OT. Its ready to use feature makes it very suitable for fastest implementation.


  • Pre & Post Operative Checkup
  • Maintain OT List & OT Notes
  • Patient Admission & Discharge System(IPD)

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