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4eGuru Inc. is a healthcare software product and healthcare IT services (HIT) provider.
It has developed medical software product called “EMR4Clinic”. It is fully integrated with Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Medical Billing and provide patient unified healthcare information in a highly secure, HIPAA compliant in real-time environment to healthcare professionals. Also improve efficiency and reduce the cost of healthcare

4eGuru Inc. is led by a team of seasoned experts with many years of experience in high technology, healthcare IT, e-business, system admin, GUI and management. Each executive brings special skills, knowledge, and expertise to a dynamic, leadership team that works closely with our healthcare clients, with our staff, and with one another. The result is a powerful synergy that assures an efficient, vibrant workplace for our employees and a consistently high level of service for our customers. 4eGuru Inc. executive team brings over 50+ years of combined experience in their respective disciplines

At 4eGuru we are convinced about the mission-critical role played by our Team Members. The Company focuses on its product development as much as it concentrates on Healthcare customer. 4eGuru has been built on a strong foundation of intellectual capital and result-orientation of its people.

Our software Engineers provide superior results on a wide variety of platforms and programming environments. Our database systems experts create sophisticated data marts and other Internet solutions that make up the core of your web business. The creative team can conjure up magic on your Internet business screen and the client servicing associates will assist you through every stage of the project and complete it within crucial deadlines.

Why us?

According to many analyst firms, there are total of 1 million small and medium medical clinics in the USA. While tied down to the day-today running of their practice, serving and treating patient, they either do not have the time, expertise or just cannot justify having a full time computer professional. As a result they get left behind in this era of omnipresent computing. Our solution is to help them keep-up with the ever increasing demand for computerization without losing their focus on the healthcare front. Our Solutions will grow with your healthcare need.

Tim Kehl – CFO
CFO, Ron Kehl Engineering
Interim CFO-Barry Holcomb and Associates LLC
Niteen Borate – CTO, VP of Software & Founding Member
Co-Founder Weblozik SW Solution
Geetam Das - Director, Marketing, Sales & Customer Technical Support

-Dr. Baijnath Saw, MD, USA (Tri-Valley Cardiology Medical Office)
-Dr. Morgan Lin, MD, USA (Tri-Valley Cardiology Medical Office)
-Dr. Keshav Narain, MD,USA (South Bay Retina Inc.)
-Dr. Aditya Kelkar, MD, IND (National Institute of Ophthalmology, Pune)
-Dr. Ashish Nagpal, MD, IND (Retina Foundation & Eye Research Center, Ahmedabad)
-Dr. Brittany Pham, OD,USA
-Dr. Yaminali Javid, MD, USA
-Dr. Naresh Kapoor, MD, USA
-Dr. Smita Tandon, MD (UC Irvine), USA
-Dr. Brian Blaisch, MD, USA
-Dr Janesri De Silva, MD, USA
-Dr. Athiya Javid, MD,USA
-Dr. Vijay S. Das, MD,USA
-Dr. Anil Prasad, MD,USA
-Dr. Christopher Gunasekera, MD, USA (U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group)

-Mr. Sunil De Silva CEO/CFO Kids & Teen Medical Group


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