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Telehealth/ Telemedicine applications

  1. Live videoconferencing: Audio and video feeds used to connect two or more geographically dispersed health care facilities to enable patients, physicians to consult in real time.
  2. Store-and-forward systems (S & F): Digital images and other clinical data are captured at the point of care; they are temporarily stored and later forwarded to another location.
  3. Remote patient monitoring: Home-based monitoring devices are used by patients to easily capture and transmit clinical data over the internet (such as BP and glucose levels). This application is becoming more prominent with the care of chronically ill patients.
  4. E-visits/e-consults: Evolved from secure email or phone based encounters e-visits can be offered by health insurers through a secure Web portal.

High speed - Wimax Wireless and Wired network

EMR Software:
SOAP system
Referring Report Generation
Billing system
Database maintenance


Telehealth Benefits

  • Phone visits/e-visits/e-consults and S & F systems
  • Improved access to care and personal health information
  • Improved efficiency (most lab results available online within 24 hours)
  • Decreased costly, unnecessary ER visits due to 24x7 nurse lines
  • Improved convenience and accessibility for consumers
  • Improved physician-patient communication
  • Decreased use of office visits and physician phone calls
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Improved accessibility to specialist care
  • Reduced hospitalization, resulting in lower treatment costs for chronic patients
  • Enables early, proactive intervention for follow-up care
  • Enables caregiver to take a more active role in the care of family members
  • Improves efficiency by enabling medical professionals to focus on patients who need them most
  • Live videoconferencing
  • Reduced wait times
  • Improved access to specialty care
  • Improved training and education of medical interns

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