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Company News

4eGuru has developed and launched New product 4eCHDP

Our CHDP GATEWAY is a completely original product designed specifically to save costs, improve communications and optimize the CHDP Billing process for Physicians, Medical Groups and Billing Houses. That is the CHDP GATEWAY difference. Our service integrates your business operations and your care delivery with a sophisticated CHDP Claims GATEWAY that increases the efficient processing of payments from insurance. By improving your business processes by reducing tasks associated with clerical and administrative duties and allowing your staff to focus more time on providing patient care and increasing patient satisfaction, providing CHDP GATEWAY provides a high return (ROI) with a very low investment
CHDP Gateway is an on-line claims processing service that makes the claims procedure for medical providers and groups easier and faster.

for more details visit www.chdpgateway.com

4eGuru has developed and launched New product EMR4Healthcare

4eGuru recently launched a new product EMR4Healthcare. Electronic medical record system is a dynamic tool that allows medical professionals to save their valuable time and money, while enabling them to take care of their patients in a much better way. This has been achieved by centralizing the medical records of patients and streamlining the diagnostic and treatment processes. This system allows doctors and physicians to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their patients bio-data with full clinical experience, including appointment schedules, office visit's, laboratories testing, health maintenance, referrals, authorizations and medications..

for more details visit www.emr4clinic.com

4eGuru team attended AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) convention in New Orleans, Louisiana USA from Nov. 9, 2007 to Nov. 12, 2007.

Team presented 4eGuru both "Practice Management system" and ophthalmology specific "EMR system" software product & Hardware solution to leading Ophthalmologist from both USA and India.


4eGuru team attend and setup exhibit Booth at "IMASC 29th ANNUAL CONVENTION in Anaheim, California USA from November 17-18, 2007


4eGuru started new development centre in Pune(India) :

4eGuru, a US based software company, has started development centre in Pune, India.

The new Indian centre is pursuing activities in areas such as webhosting, website development, software development consulting, HR services, support & maintenance operations.

Pune will be SW development and service hub for all 4eguru's global customer.

4eGuru Launches New Website for IMASC(Indian Medical Association of Southern California)

4eGuru recently launched the website for IMASC(Indian Medical Association of southern California). Portal(www.imasc.org) to mange day to day activity of organization like online registration for new members, membership renewal, member login, membership Directory, organizational events, news, annual conventions, photo gallery, event calendar, press releases, monthly newsletters, manage committee members, past & current officers. Website with PayPal payment gateway to make online payment, donation..

4eGuru is DELL Computers authorized partner / Value Added Reseller (VAR member)

4eguru is the Authorized Partner or VAR member of Dell Computer.

4eguru has established a strategic partnerships or VAR memberships with leading hardware, systems, and software providers for small and medium business.

This way 4eGuru can provide a complete solution and best price to our customer.

How do our customers benefited from this partnership?

  • An authorized partner has priority level sales support.
  • An authorized partner has better pricing or wholesale price range.
  • An authorized partner has priority first level technical support
    from system or software provider.
  • Product technical representative to our local customer

4eGuru servers at a new, secure and fast co-hosting location.

4eGuru launch servers (the machines that hold your site) are now hosted at a state of art new co location facility..

What does this mean for 4eGuru's customers?

Simply put, it's a assurance that your site will be up and running for all your customers to view and use 24 x 7.

With this locations high bandwidth connections your users will be able to access your hosted sites with use much faster (even from sometimes slow home dial-up connections)


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