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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions : Hardware - System Related

1. Nothing happens, when try to turn on computer?
  1. Try power button again, pressing firmly on the button.
  2. Check the power cable into the back of the PC. Make sure, the cable is firmly seated.
  3. Retry the power button.
  4. Check other devices that may be plugged into the power strip or wall outlet to see if they have power. If so, try swapping the power cable plug for the PC into another outlet you know is working.
  5. Try the power button again.

2. Hear PC making noises when turn it on, but have no picture?

  1. Make sure the monitor is turned on, and that the cable running between the PC and the monitor is firmly seated. If there is a separate power cord, check that it is firmly connected to a live power source as well.
  2. Check if the screen has either a green or amber/orange light on it. If so is that light solid or blinking.
  3. If it is checked this, contact IT person and what has been checked.

3. if computer freezes and the mouse is not responding?

  1. In many application programs, the “Esc” key is a general-purpose key, used to cancel or back up a step in the current operation.
  2. If the “Esc” key doesn't solve your problem. Reboot computer by holding down  “Ctrl+Alt+Del”
  3. Rebooting erases memory and reloads the operating system; lose any data currently in memory. In some programs, you may damage data as well, so only use this key combination when you can't think of any other solution.
  4. Reset button restart computer without actually flicking the power switch. The main power to the computer's components is not interrupted. This saves wear and tear.          

4. When all of a sudden mouse stops working or freezes?

  1. The connection at the back of the computer to the mouse may be loose.

  2. Something caused the software driver for the mouse to hang.

  3. The best thing to do is to close all of the programs that are working on using the keyboard and restart the computer.

  4. Hold down the Alt key and press F4, close what you are working on.

  5. Then hold down the Ctrl key and press the Esc key to have the Start Menu pop up.

  6. Press the U key to get the shutdown command to activate and hit the Enter key to shutdown or restart the machine.

  7. Assuming the connection in the back of the computer is tight, and then the mouse should work again once the computer is restarted. 

5. The picture on the monitor/screen is not in the center?

  1. If the screen is not centered on monitor. Each monitor has settings that allow the user to adjust the horizontal and vertical placement of the desktop on the monitor display.

  2. Generally, these adjustments are made by using buttons on the lower edge of the monitor.

  3. These buttons are sometimes clearly labeled and other times just marked by obscure symbols.

  4. Using these buttons you can change the horizontal and vertical placement of your monitor to center it on the screen.

6. Can’t hear sound on computer?

  1.  The first thing to check is that the speaker wires are plugged into the proper port on the back of the computer. The microphone port is located right next to the speaker port, and it is easy to get them confused.

  2. If you have checked that the speaker cable is plugged into the back of the computer tightly, then verify that you have power going to your speakers and that the speakers are turned on. Some speaker sets have separate power supplies, while others draw their power from the computer. If the speakers are turned on, turn the volume all the way up so you will know when the sound starts working. If there is a little speaker symbol on the Taskbar near your clock, double-click on that symbol and make sure that the volume control is set high enough and that the "Mute All" or "Mute" is not checked. If these are checked, it will turn the sound off on your system, even if the speakers and other equipment are working just fine. If you are still having a problem with your sound, you should have your computer looked at by your FSP.

7. Basic steps, when having trouble in printing?

  1. Be sure the printer is turned on.
  2. Check to see if the ink cartridges are full.
  3. Check to see if the printer cable is fully plugged into the back of the computer and the printer.
  4. Click Start / Settings and go to Printers to see if the printer icon is black or is it grayed out?
  5. Is there paper in the printer?
  6. Install new print cartridges if you have them available to you.
  7. If you are trying to print to a network printer, be sure you are plugged into the network.
  8. Be sure there is not any paper jammed in the printer.

8. Basic steps, when cannot login to computer, or cannot access all of network applications?

  1. Check, if the Windows Sign-on screen appears.
  2. Using the correct username and password?
  3. Make sure the Caps Lock is not ON and the Numb Lock OFF
  4. Be sure the network cable is plugged into the network card on back of the computer.
  5. Make sure light is ON, on the network card.



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